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Benfeitoria is an innovation laboratory that was born to foster a more humane, collaborative and maker culture in Brazil.

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By leveraging three different models of crowdfunding (classical, recurring and matchfunding) Benfeitoria' social-impact is almost immeasurable. Between the time operating the crowdfunding platform, we also develop projects where we can foster our worldviews: RIO+, the brazillian university of crowdfunding (UFC), the Reboot Fest and more. Benfeitoria, at the moment, keep with the brazillian record of crowdfunding and the biggest success rate between the biggest platforms in Brazil (75% of the projects get 100% of the goal).

During the last 4 years I've been colaborated more than intensely with Benfeitoria in areas such as software enginnering, devops, growth hacking, bussiness/communication/data strategy while holding great achiviments, hapiness and sorrows.

Some highlights from this journey: