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Bando is a 'gang' working forward the development of brazillian's crowdfunding scene. They are commonly associated with private crowdfunding consulting or with their awesome crowdfunding course (the two months in two days workshop).

By they I mean : Téo Benjamin and Felipe Caruso.

Together they are :

Benfeitoria Logo

With them, I have colaborated on the projects related to the PSOL Carioca elections from 2016. A crowdfunding platform reserved for the donations of Marcelo Freixo and some other politicans from the party. Also, in 2017/2018 we developed a recurring platform for the party in Rio de Janeiro.

The crowdfunding campaign of Marcelo Freixo was a big mark on history of politics and crowdfunding, being the biggest financing of this type for this specific area. Here is a good highlight.

Lately Bando run another crowdfunding : O Coletivo do Financiamento . It will be the biggest and mosted update research on crowdfunding in Brazil.

Of course, I was and I am around.